David Etter, (AKA “Sovereign Dave”), has immersed himself in the study and execution of what drives markets and individual freedoms for the last 15 yrs. He is exceptionally diverse with experience in multiple industries and businesses. Dave cut his teeth in business in the construction industry by procuring 2 degrees in 3 years and becoming the student of the year when he graduated. Believing in the sanctity of diligence, hard work, and going for the American Dream he asserted himself into the industry and quickly built a multi-million dollar business building high end homes.

The dream quickly faded (crashed) when the housing bubble took out all he had spent his life working on in a flash. He also learned to expect the unexpected when his attorney he had on retainer decided to sue him with a former investor (clearly illegal but then again when has any attorney ever truly been interested in their clients outcome – on TV maybe??). 

Being as “quit” is not in his vocabulary, he spent the next few years discovering most people had no clue what was happening in the financial markets or why it was happening. He also learned there was PLENTY someone could do to protect themselves from the unexpected. Dave had traded the markets off and on and even used his profits to get going quickly when he started in construction. Most of the news and financial information available at the time did NOTHING to help with analytics in markets that jumped at the slightest hint of change coming. He learned if he had a few entities in place, some financial planning, and some legal maneuvering, he could have avoided the pitfall and experience of fighting with idiots and assholes and kicked them out right at the beginning of a potential legal mess.

Dave has spent decades learning, studying, interviewing, and putting together an electronic rolodex of the best of the best in personal freedom professionals, asset protection services, trading systems, international investment opportunities, and places to stay and visit. In case you haven’t already guessed, you won’t find Dave on some high end lecture circuit. You won’t see him on national news talk shows. He won’t be a media celebrity you see anywhere any time soon. Any of those type people are EXTREMELY important to keep up the fight for personal freedoms… BUT… if you want someone with common sense, a plan of action, and decades of personal and business experience to be a guide, then he’s the right man for the job.

There’s also the trading system he developed which took 3 decades of market experience and complicated charting analytics and put it all in a trading system that watches the big boys in the markets and follows along with where they are pushing the markets. Indexes, stocks, forex, crypto… all of it. Dave has followed markets since his mid twenties and spent a majority of his time after the housing market crash in system development and creation.  

What he has done in the creation of Sovereign Vision is tied together the 2 things each and every man, woman, and child need together… Having or Developing Portable Income and Creating a Well-Defined Defensive Plan (where you want to live or travel and who you want with you while protecting your assets and family).

Dave believes people deserve the right to freedom and pursuit of their individual freedoms. In the future he will be adding more personalized information in our members area from travels and interviews with specific people and entities available to help each and every person develop their own sovereign vision. He welcomes you to come along for the ride, get off the global new world order bus, and do what’s right for you and your family.