And the Next Panic is… GAS!!!

Look, the solution is simple and could have been prepared for a long time ago…


Have a team in place to shut off the computer controlled pumps and switches and go back to analog in an emergency.

But that makes to much sense. Its not rocket science, literally.

The Biden administrations response… “don’t hoard gas” see HERE…

No solutions, no information about what’s being done. Nothing except “don’t hoard gas”.

Listen folks, these people are used to everyone that follows them just doing what they say and taking anything they say as the gospel truth.

They believe there is a knee jerk reaction to any ‘perceived’ problem…

a few cops kill a few people, defund the entire police department everywhere…

Some politically motivated science comes out saying the earth is warming, kill all the oil and fossil fuels and stop eating meat…

What you are now seeing are the results of knee-jerk reactions, a lack of planning, and an entire administration (along with a group of idiot conservatives), that has no idea how to run things or solve problems.

This entire problem should have been over with in 24 hrs. Instead, you let more outside forces control our infrastructure and utilities and this is the kind of crap we can expect in the future.

Good luck and God Bless America, you’re going to need it!

Sovereign Dave signing off.

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