UPDATE!!! – 2021-05-11

full about the system information can be seen HERE

Added to the System Overview note the following…

  • Light Blue rectangles on charts and in videos are multi fires. Multi-fires tend to move in the direction of the predominant 5 (daily chart – blue or red square) fire in most markets. They tend to move in the direction of the predominant 4 fire in crypto although the jury is still out on that as it is an early market to the game.
  • Dark Blue triangles are takeouts – not necessarily in the direction of the overall trend but those that are usually mean great movement in the overall predominant direction.
  • Limbo – when we change a color of the IW fires or HF swing numbers in the upper right corner of charts to yellow, we quite often say they are in “limbo” meaning firing differently on different time frames OR, possibly NOT yet “in order”
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