Politicians Wasting More Time and Money Destroying Lives and Businesses

Check the link below for a lengthy document detailing the latest restrictions in place in Washington.

This is a prime example of politicians overstepping their mandates. Clearly if they think that shutting everything down and destroying businesses and people’s financials sources of income and revenue is it good thing, They are sorely mistaken.

These politicians have no idea what it takes to actually run a business and survive because they plainly don’t care. you can’t run a business at 50% or 25% capacity and expect to survive.

They use emergency mandates to control people’s lives, destroy their livelihoods, and do it all in the name of protecting everyone; “for your safety”.

I have an idea… How about you let people run their businesses the way they see fit and if people want to go there, they can go there, if they don’t want to go anywhere and they want to wear a mask everywhere, then let them go and wear a mask everywhere they go… if they want to stay home let him stay home.

This is not rocket science… this is not about real actionable data… this is about control plain and simple.

I’m really surprised there hasn’t been more backlash from the general population both verbally and physically from these draconian measures and Marxist activities by politicians to control the population.

We all know this is going to get worse… a lot worse, before it gets better. If you don’t have a plan of action in place right now to protect you and your family you’re doing yourself a disservice.

Contact us now via the executive class application to find out what your best plan of action is to secure you and your families sovereignty.

This is sovereign Dave signing off until next time.


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