It’s not all Roses, Rainbows, and Unicorns – What it Really Costs to Move Overseas

Our research shows it can cost as much as 50-60K to get to Puerto Rico in legal fees and entity setups plus initial moving expenses WITHOUT bringing all your own things…

Then when you are there there is 20-30K a year in ongoing expenses just to keep the entities afloat to get your 4% corporate rate and 0% personal… tough questions to ask yourself is…

Is that really the right plan for you? Don’t forget you are not allowed to leave your island prison for 183 days a year. Living in a tropical paradise is not necessarily a prison but being forced to be somewhere can sometimes feel like it.

Panama on the other hand is much less expensive with a cost of 15K to get there but you don’t have all the tax benefits as well, or do you??

Then there is Mexico, or any of the many digital nomad countries…

Here’s the problem with most of them… all income and entity beneficial ownership world wide is now reportable to the IRS along with any bank account and entity ownership over 25%… Thanks to the NDAA…

Unless you know how to set things up correctly, like we do…

Set up an initial fact finding call to see where you fit by filling out our Executive Class Application HERE

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