Concept App Pays Users In Crypto To Name-Drop Brands 

Readers have all experienced the moment when an advertisement has creepily shown up on their social media feed after talking about it. And while companies swear they’re not using smartphone apps to tap into your conversations for advertising purposes, there’s a concept app that throws fuel on this fire. 

The concept app brought to you by Matt Reed, a creative technologist at Red Pepper who made a tool that allowed Zoom users to create a digital twin of themselves, so they didn’t have to sit in calls – said his latest creation is still in the “development phase” but would one day allow people to name-drop brands in everyday conversations and get “immediately compensated in return.” 

“Once permissions are granted, SayPal eavesdrops on your background microphone feed and applies advanced Natural Language Processing AI for keyword identification. If a sponsored brand is detected, you get paid. The more you name-drop, the more you earn. It’s that simple,” Reed said. 

He said SayPal would send crypto to a person’s wallet for saying brand names in conversations. 

We’re not entirely sure if the app is a joke or if Reed is for real. Because someone could repeat the word “Quesalupa” or “Big Mac” for hours and potentially get paid. There needs to be filters or perhaps geolocation for this app to viable and for brands to go along with the idea. 

If you want a taste of a dystopic world where people get paid to name-drop brands in conversations – look no further than the movie “Idiocracy.” 

Tyler Durden
Sat, 05/15/2021 – 15:20

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