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**video and document about understanding the charting system is below

Since the dawn of man, there have always been classes of people. Poverty/lower class, lower-middle, middle class, upper-middle… you get the idea.

There has also been some form of a system of government in place that doesn’t do much for anyone else BUT the top classes. Most modern politicians come from upper-class families. You get the idea. The cards are stacked against you.

In most countries, it is illegal to do insider trading in publicly traded markets. Yet you constantly hear of cases where someone is prosecuted for it. Why?

Simple answer – GREED.

Ask yourself a question… How many people get away with it because you know they don’t catch everyone?

Let’s move away from publicly traded markets for a minute. Let’s move over to foreign exchange currency trading, forex as we all know it. Here’s a quote directly from Investopedia.com…

In another context, a trader is free to act on information in a way that would be considered insider trading in traditional markets. For example, a trader finds out from a client who happens to know the governor of the Bank of Japan (BOJ) that the BOJ is planning to raise rates at its next meeting; the trader is free to buy as much yen as they can. There is no such thing as insider trading in FX—European economic data, such as German employment figures, are often leaked days before they are officially released.”

So in other words, major players in currency trading can make moves on insider information they receive at any point in time. 

Now we are not saying we have some kind of insider information that makes our system work. We are not saying that at all. What we do have is decades of trading experience behind the creation of the system.

We still have not hit on the 800-pound gorilla in the financial room…


First, there were attempts to ban or stop crypto – they failed.

Then there were attempts to regulate it and control the flow of it – they failed.

What you are seeing right now in front of your eyes is the first adaption of a new means of valuation outside of fiat currency and precious metals.

It is an unregulated venture as well.

There will be attempts to enact more regulation to control it but eventually, as we are starting to see right now, it will become more and more commonplace with more and more large international corporations accepting it.

If you are here you probably agree with the following sentiment…

The future of fiat currency is highly in doubt especially when they continue to print as much as they want and devalue it on a regular basis. That being said… What does this have to do with the system?

Many of you have undoubtedly noticed the emergence of the popularity of crypto. It’s everywhere and on every news media.

So has the emergence of social media trading groups, blockchain this, and blockchain that.

You have witnessed the effect of having big brother, the federal government, the SEC, and the “Big Boys” wreaking havoc on the markets and crushing the individual trader in the process.

The big question is… When do they do it and how do I get in on it?

Well, we will never go into the details of what exactly is in the system (and legally we will never have to). Let’s just say we have taken several lifetimes worth of work and effort and what used to be complex analysis and put it into a simple to read, easy to understand (once you get enough practice), trading system that works in any and all markets. It takes information from several time frames and places it in one chart.

The main parts of the system are what we call Hedge Fund Swings and Institutional Waves. We are not saying we have an inside track into what hedge funds and institutions are doing in the markets. Not at all.

That’s just the name we gave them because when these two main parts of the system get together and show that a particular currency, crypto, or market is about to move in a general direction, it usually does. With stunning accuracy. We will remind you to check out our legal section and disclaimers on sovereignvision.org.

Chances are you are here because either someone sent you here or you have seen our information somewhere else and wonder how we could be so spot on with market predictions. 

We can because we have taken years of analysis and market predictions of where the major players make plays in the markets and put it into a system we use on a regular basis in our member’s area.

If you’re ready, come on in. If not, stay on the outside with the rest of the crowd.

How to Understand The Charting Videos

Immediately below you will see a video describing what we go over in charts and how to understand what we are talking about so you can follow along at home…

The first 10 1/2 minutes is a direct review of the downloadable document immediately below this sentence, then we get into some direct charting examples for all you visual learners (which is most of us) (the document is also below the video for those not wanting to download the file)…

UPDATE!!! – 2021-05-11

Added to the System Overview note the following…

  • Light Blue rectangles on charts and in videos are multi fires. Multi-fires tend to move in the direction of the predominant 5 (daily chart – blue or red square) fire in most markets. They tend to move in the direction of the predominant 4 fire in crypto although the jury is still out on that as it is an early market to the game.
  • Dark Blue triangles are takeouts – not necessarily in the direction of the overall trend but those that are usually mean great movement in the overall predominant direction.
  • Limbo – when we change a color of the IW fires or HF swing numbers in the upper right corner of charts to yellow, we quite often say they are in “limbo” meaning firing differently on different time frames OR, possibly NOT yet “in order”
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