Severe Weather Threatens 90 Million People In Midwest And Northeast States 

The Storm Prediction Center has warned that severe thunderstorms are forecasted across the Midwest and Northeast on Wednesday.  

“Damaging winds, along with some hail threat, are expected with thunderstorms across the upper Midwest later this afternoon and evening. Isolated damaging winds are also possible across parts of the Northeast,” Storm Prediction Center wrote in a 0737 ET statement. 

CNN estimates as many as “90 million people across the Midwest and Northeast” could be affected by today’s storms. 


Wisconsin; Cedar Rapids, Iowa, and Rochester, Minnesota are at risk of intense storms. This could be great news for the corn belt in desperate need of water, but a constant stream of wind could damage crops. Wind damage could snap the corn plant and also dislodge the roots from the ground. There are additional risks for cities like Chicago, Minneapolis, Milwaukee, Des Moines, and Omaha.

The severe thunderstorms will shift into the central Plains and lower Midwest on Thursday. 

In a separate storm, severe weather risks could be seen in the Northeast. The Storm Prediction Center said New York and New England, including Albany and Springfield, may experience severe weather today. There are also severe weather risks in cities like New York, Washington, Baltimore, Philadelphia, and Boston. 

“A severe storm cannot be ruled out with the main threat damaging winds,” said the New York National Weather Service office.

Despite the severe weather risks, the good news is that the corn belt will be getting some much-needed rain. 

But if winds are strong enough, there is a risk of crop damage. 

Tyler Durden
Wed, 07/14/2021 – 12:32

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